Praise To You

I give to you my praises each and every morning

To your feet I bow in thankfulness

Singing songs to you my King

Of your blessings to me you bring

With hands lifted high

I dance to worship you

My song of praises I bring

To you my heavenly King

You have changed my life

Completely from the inside

Your love has made me whole

When of my life you took control

So each morning when I wake

My song of praises I will bring

To you my heavenly King

A new song I will sing.



As I gaze upon the marvelous beauty

God created just for me

As I see the sun setting up each morning

And the dawn at night

I can’t thank but God alone

For this beautiful sight

He gave to me all this and more

The privilege of life; Him I adore

The beauty of earth

I came to know since birth

The beauty of stars

That each He knows by name

How they shine at us wherever we are

A million one of them but He loves the same

We are like each star in the sky

Outnumbered in earth but loves us the same

Glowing down from above

As He also knows us by name

How beautiful is His love

Like Him our God there is no one!


Do Not Be Afraid

Do not be afraid of what you may face tomorrow

Cast your fears to our God above

Give Him your pain and sorrow

And let Him fill you with His love

Open your heart and let Him in

As true love is what wins

Let God guide you to what is true

Let Him replace your fears

And wipe away your tears

Do not be afraid and take courage

God will provide the strength

To take the step ahead

Let Him take control of your direction

And not be caught up in the intersection

Let Him lead you through the narrow path

Do not be afraid of what you may face

He will protect you through

Do not be afraid God will care for you


My Prayer


Every night before I sleep
I say a prayer one or two
I pray the the Lord your soul may keep
And that you are guided by the truth.
I pray for your heart to awaken with hope
And if in pain and sorrow
For you to gain the strenth to cope.
I pray for angels to guide and protect
And that your heart you come to inspect
I pray that you soon be set free
From the chains you carry in between
I pray that you soon be healed from strife
And that you come to accept the Lord in your life.


You Saved Me


In the darkest time of my life
When I had no one by my side
Trouble seemed to follow me everywhere
But even in those moments you were always there
In my affliction and misery
When pain is all I could see
You never let go of me
You lifted my eyes when I felt the shame
You forgave when I was the one to blame
Your life you gave and mine you saved
My chains you broke free
And only then I did believe
That once I was lost and now I was found
I was blind and could not see
Daughter of the King you adopted me into your family
When you saved me.