Grace, Love, Trust

You Alone Rescued Me

You alone restored my heart
You alone healed me from my disease
You alone took it apart
And repaired what was destroying me

My sins you forgave
From the pit of hell you came to save
My chains you broke away
When you rescued me that day

You alone reached into the depths of my soul
You showed mercy and grace and once again I was made whole
You repaired my heart what Mr Satan once stole
And my complete life you gained control

Into my life you came to enter in
Washed me clean from my sin
My life and heart you came to win
And once again I came to live
My hurt and pain you repaired that day
When you rescued me the moment you came to stay

You alone Lord restored my heart
By your grace and for your glory I was set apart
You alone Lord rescued my soul
And my complete life you gained control!

Faith, Love, Trust

Under His Wings

During times of trial and strife
When all is going wrong in your life
At your weakest when you no longer can go on
Because you think of what else could go wrong.
During times of misery and sorrow
When you can’t seem to go by another day
You ask what will be of tomorrow
There is no other way.
Worry seems to crash you in
And hopelessness seems to win
You are right on the edge of the boulder
And you have no one to lean on not a shoulder to cry on.

Know that God can be that and much more
Under His Wings he will love and protect you like never before
He will give you the strength when you are weak
And give you the words to speak
He will never let you fall
Under His Wings He will catch you when you call.

Under His Wings
Where you will find love, joy, and happiness
Under His wings
Where peace and comfort will fill your emptiness
In his loving arms and presence
Under His wings you will be for eternity!

Love, Trust

His Reassurance


Cast your anxieties to our Lord

For he will carry your burdens all an overload

He will fight for you until the end

And won’t let his love and care transcend.

He promised you a future you just need to be still

Lean to His reassurance according to his will

Put your faith and belief

And your heart will find relief.

Cast all doubts and lock them away

Lean to His reassurance day by day

Press on until the end

For his blessings he will send.

There is hope and love

Pouring from above

Lean to his reassurance

And don’t stray to the world’s ignorance.

There is hope for the hopeless

And light in the darkness.

There is love for the loneliness

And joy when in sadness

All these you will find in our Lord

Just lean to his reassurance as you search Him through his Word!

Faith, Love, Trust

God Is The Only One

woman in depression and despair crying on black dark

In the valley of despair
In the midst of darkness
When no hope is within only hatred is there
In place of joy there is sadness
And you no longer care

God is the only one
Who can make the valley of trouble
A door of hope
He is the only one
Who can make blessings double
And bring a peace in your heart to help you cope

God is the only one
That can restore your heart
His spirit will always be with you and never be apart
He will make things new
And move mountains only He can do

God is the only one
That can heal your aching heart
The only one that can change your life
From all the trouble and strife
Change everything new of you inside

So when you are feeling hopeless
And in place of joy there is sadness
Open your heart to God as he is the only one
Who can make the valley of trouble
A door of hope
He is the only one
Who can make blessings double
And bring a peace in your heart to help you cope
When you open the door of hope.

Love, Trust



Amen to the God the Father and the son

For his sacrifice and love to give away his only one

Amen to the God of the most high

Who came from above to save mankind

Amen to His son who was nailed on the cross

To save all those that were lost

Amen to His son who was battered and bruised

Tortured spat on and abused

Amen to his son for he was mighty to save

And how his life he gave

Amen to his son for he is alive

He was risen on that day

When to heaven he was lifted away!

Faith, Trust


In the stillness of the night

When all is at peace

When storms of this life

Have finally ceased

Keep watch and be still

For their is a mighty thief

He comes to steal kill and destroy

His plot in your life he’ll employ

Hell take peace and joy

That was laid upon your heart

The love and happiness that once was there he’ll try to impart

So when life seems to be going great

Remember there is evil waiting in hell’s gates

But know that nothing is mightier than heaven above

Who will fight for your love

Just keep praying to the holy one

He is there by your side

Never let go of his arms for they are waiting to be a part of your life.

Faith, Love, Trust

In God’s Presence


In God’s presence is where I want to be

Wrapped in His arms where His love I can feel

Where His strength power and majesty

I know is real.

In God’s presence is where I want to be

Where Jesus is right beside me

Waiting with arms open wide

An invitation to be by his side

In God’s presence is where I want to be

Where His holy spirit is manifested in power and glory

Where I know there in his throne

I won’t be alone

In God’s presence is where I want to be

Where I know that is my destiny

Where by faith I will be

For eternity.

Faith, Forgiveness, Love, Trust



Redeemed by the power of His love

When He sent down His only son

Redeemed by the power of his blood

When He was taken for ransom

Redeemed by mercy

When I was in pain and misery

Redeemed by grace

When I sought God’s face

Redeemed by his love

When he sent down His only son

Redeemed by goodness

When I received his righteousness

Redeemed by sanctification

When I believed in my Father Lord of my creation!

Faith, Love, Trust

God’s Favor


The fullness of his grace love is what we receive

From the moment in Jesus his son we believe

He pours blessings like rain from above.

Mercy and grace and his love

Were shown when he gave his only son

He opens doors from the heavens

When we call his name

Angels dancing when we shout out his praise

Holy spirit invites us in

God’s favor over sins.

God’s favor calls us child of the King

He knows every detail-everything

God’s favor forgets our past

His love is one that never lasts.

God’s favor pours when his face we seek

The power of his love manifested when his face we meet.