Grace, Love

Thank You For The Cross

It was your great power
Your mercy and your grace
That was revealed in that hour
No mystery was hidden in your face

Your glory became known
Your greatest love for us was shown
As you breathed your last
All sins were washed away in your blood
You forgave our past

You gave your life at the cross
As you saved the lost
You wore the crown as our Father’s King
You took the nails despite everything

Thank You Lord For the cross
For saving me when I was lost
Thank You Lord for your love
For sending your one and only son
Thank You Lord for the cross
For you are mighty to save
Thank You Lord for the cross
For my sins you forgave!

~For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.~ John 3:16


Jesus Is All I Need

He is my foundation I rest upon
When my heart is heavy
He is my strength that keeps me going
When my knees are not steady
He is my rock I lean on
When I cannot move
He is the one I rest upon
The one I run to

His strength is what I need every day of my life
In hard situations during times of trial and strife
He is my source on him I rely
He is my provider as daily he meets my supply
He is my healer
When hurt comes my way
He is my redeemer
My hope to make it through each day

Jesus is all I need
His love is immeasurable
He is more than enough to me
His love is comparable
Jesus is all I need
Towards his salvation I heed
Jesus is all I need
He is my life, my everything!

~If God is all you have you have all you need.~John 14:8

Faith, Love

God’s Whisper

God is a whisper to our soul
He is the one that makes our lives whole
He is there to guide us on our ways
Always protecting us throughout our days

He is a whisper to our hearts
Telling us from his side never to depart
He is there ready to make a change
Our lives from sadness to happiness he will rearrange

He is a whisper pouring us with blessings from above
Showing his mighty ways and his immeasurable love
He is a whisper letting us know he is there
God showing us through his grace that he does care

God is a whisper to our inner core
Directing us which paths to take
He speaks to us in mighty ways
Waiting for us to come to Him
Our mistakes he does erase
And forgives us from our sin

He is always speaking to us
Showing his immeasurable uncomparable love
Pouring his blessings from above
Whispering to our soul
God is always ready to take control
And ready to make your life whole

So when you hear God’s whisper in your ear
Do not fear for he is always near
Put your trust in him always
And he will bless your life through the end of days!

~God’s voice is glorious in the thunder. We can’t imagine the greatness of His power.~ Job 37:5

Faith, Forgiveness, Love

Your Love

Through the many tears I cried
The endless nights that I tried
Hopelessness was a part of me
I was blind and could not see

Through the pain I endured
Your love Lord cured
You captivated my heart
And my life you changed from the start
You healed my brokenness
And you cleaned up my mess

Your love Lord changed my life
Your love Lord healed me from within
Your love Lord cleaned me from inside
Your love Lord forgave my sin

Your love Lord was shown at the cross
Your love Lord rescued me when I was lost
Because of your love Lord I am forever free
When hopelessness was a part of me
Your love Lord opened my eyes to see
Because of your love Lord in you forever I will believe!

Forgiveness, Grace, Love

By Grace Alone

By Grace Alone God came to reign
In form of a man for mankind’s hearts to gain
He came from heaven above
To show his true love

By grace alone he is mighty to save
Our sins on the cross he forgave
His mighty power and glory was shown
His love to men was known

By grace alone he sacrificed
He alone paid the price
He brought hope to the hopeless
And shed light in the darkness

By grace alone hope was found
By Love and mercy
My life was turned around
By grace alone God’s love saved me!

Faith, Forgiveness, Love, Trust

Beside Me

In this world of darkness
Where hate is everywhere around
Where sadness and strife
Is everywhere to be found
In the middle of my distress
Chaos and loneliness
You are always right beside me
Even through my misery

You hear my cries Lord
From the high mountain top
Even if I say no word
That still does not stop
You are always right beside me
Even if I don’t see

Your rod and staff comfort me
From harm everywhere
Your mercies and faith I see
Your grace shows that you care
You are always right beside me
Your amazing love is in what I believe!

Faith, Love

I Bring My Praise

Down on my knees I come to you

Bringing you my need and my gratitude

My life I leave in your hands

My giving sacrifice firmly to you I stand

In worship I sing songs of praise

Almighty God King of Kings oh how I am amazed

How you have come to captivate my heart and changed my ways

King of Kings to you I bring my praise

For you alone are with me day by day

To you I bring my praise

Halelujah, King of Kings I lift your name

Jehovah Jireh my provider

Jehovan Nissi my banner

To You I bring my praise

My heart belongs to you always!


Forgiveness, Grace, Love

A Drop Of Grace


God poured out his love
When He sent his one and only son
Jesus, enthroned in heaven above
Was sent down to earth to give his life for ransom.

His power and glory was manifested
At the cross where his son was rested
All men gathered had been tested
But Jesus’s destiny was decided by God’s Will instead

A drop of grace saved your life
Where at the cross God’s son was sacrificed
Your sins he paid them all
Each one forgiven when on his name you call
Your afflictions, anxiety, and stress
Were Washed away by a drop of grace
Hope a future and happiness
Will be waiting for you when you seek his face

A drop of Grace was poured on the cross
Where God’s glory and power were shown
Hope and love there were known
Where a drop of grace your life was saved

Love, Trust

I Will Be Glad


I will be glad and rejoice in your love

For you saw my affliction and yet protected me from above

You knew my anguish yet did not let me parish.

You took control

And restored my soul

I will be glad and rejoice in your love

For you alone sacrificed your only son.

You gave your life for me

And set my soul free.

I will be glad and rejoice in your love

For you sent your blessings from above.

You protected me and calmed my heart

Through the darkest storms you never were apart.

I will be glad and rejoice in your love

For you saw my affliction and yet protected me from above.

Forgiveness, Grace, Love

Your Grace


Through the mess I was in
Living my life in sin
The hurt and pain
That caused me shame
The confusion and chaos
In the darkness where I was lost
Through the tears I cried
On my own in the night
Suicidal thoughts came to my mind
Not realizing what I was leaving behind

It was then when your mercy and grace Lord came to my life
You opened my heart and captivated me
True love I was able to see
Your arms you opened wide
And you pulled me to your side
Your love was known
Your grace Lord to me was shown.

Your grace is sufficient for me
You Jesus is all I need
By my side is where I need you to be
Stay forever by my side
Your grace is sufficient for me
Because of your love I was able to see
For me you had died
On the cross your life you sacrificed
Because of your grace for me you paid the price!