God Is With You

When doubt stirs inside your heart
And you feel as if you will fall away
grab on to God’s love as he will never depart
But will be with you each and every day

Call on to God when you are weak
When you feel you are on your own
And you have no words to speak
Know that you are not alone

God is with you
In those moments of loneliness
In the midst of your sadness
He is there
Waiting for your call
To come to your rescue and your care
God is with you above all
When you feel you are about to fall

Know that you are not alone
Reach out to him God is with you
He hears you when you call his name
He knows you from deep inside your heart
Reach out to him for God is with you
His love never fails
His love is always true!

~Do not be frightened, do not be discouraged,God is with you.~Joshua 1:9


In My Father’s House

In my father’s house are too many rooms
He prepared a place for me and you
He waits with open arms so wide
For when he receives you inside
He is seated at the throne
Counting the days
For when he brings you home
On that glorious day

He prepared a place so you wouldnt be left behind
He thought of you from the beginning of time
He only knows the day and the hour
When he will reign with great power
All his angels and his saints
Will meet with you
Happiness you won’t be able to contain
And you will know his message was forever true

In my father’s house he prepared a place
Where we can be together with him face to face
Where he though of you and me
To be forever with him for eternity!

~In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?~ John 14:2


In His Truth

In his truth I will abide
Meditating on his word day and night
In my heart His Word I will bury deep inside
And keep fighting the good fight

In his truth I will rely
Through trials and strife
His word I will apply
Every day of my life

I will keep pressing on
Until the day is here
Keeping his truth
Ever so closely near

Learning about his truth and his ways
Thanking God for my days
Walking so fervently in faith
Praying I will never stray
Keeping his truth sealed in my heart
So his Spirit will never be apart

I will keep on learning about his truth
As his is the only way
To reach to heaven and be with you
With our heavenly Lord on that day

~I tell you the truth, those who listen to my message and believe in God who sent me have eternal life. They will never be condemned for their sins, but they have already passed from death into life.~ John 5:24


God Has A Plan

In God’s hands we are entrusted upon
For misery and pain is everywhere
On His protection we rely on
And leave to him our care

We come to God when violence is all around
And when worries we can no longer take
We come to God when peace is needed to be found
Among the chaos and confusion that is about to brake

We come to God through sickness
When we are at our weakest point
We cry out for healing from darkness
For God’s light in our lives to annoint

In God’s hands we are entrusted upon
From our miseries and our pain
On him we rely on
To cleanse us our sins and shame
In God’s hands is our life
From the beginning of time
To God we must always come
For the world God has overcome!

~I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world!~ John 16:33


I Will Be Still

Here I wait patiently
Until you come for me
Ill put my trust in you
And let my faith abide in your truth
I will wait for that day
In which in your presence forever I’ll stay
I will put my hope and not lean to my own understanding
I will be still and not be demanding
I will listen to your word
And put my hope in heaven as my eternal reward

I will follow your command
And give to other’s people’s needs
I will be still and not demand
Nor will I let my heart be filled with greed
I will love my enemies
And forgive as you forgave me

I will be still until that day
And pray for your guidance in every way
I will be still and in your love
Put my hope until I meet with you in heaven above!

~Be still And Know That I Am God.~ Psalm 46:10


Glimpses of You

In the early morning of the day
As the horizon makes its way
Hues of purple red and blue
Meet together with orange yellow and grey
I gaze upon the sky and take a glimspe of you
As you work your way through

During the cold winter time
When all is silver and white
Beautiful in it’s time
Incandescent colors created by you
Its amazing the things you do

In the spring time when all is in bloom
Beautiful colors just everywhere
Your masterpiece scenery is in full view
Even then I get a glimpse of you

During the summer when it’s blazing hot
It reminds me of your Holy Spirit
Your hope in us is what we got
Your love burning inside of us
It’s then when we get a glimpse of your son Jesus

In the Fall when its full splendor of colors come to rest
Crisp flavor smells of holidays near make this season the best
Leaves turning to red, orange and brown
Families gathering coming from out of town
Blessings of love are everywhere
Lord Jesus even then you are there

In these seasons we get a glimpse of you
How amazingly beautiful is the work you do
I stand in awe as I gaze and wonder
Thank You for this great splendor and mighty love
You send down to us from heaven above

~Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.~ Hebrews 11:1

Faith, Love

God’s Whisper

God is a whisper to our soul
He is the one that makes our lives whole
He is there to guide us on our ways
Always protecting us throughout our days

He is a whisper to our hearts
Telling us from his side never to depart
He is there ready to make a change
Our lives from sadness to happiness he will rearrange

He is a whisper pouring us with blessings from above
Showing his mighty ways and his immeasurable love
He is a whisper letting us know he is there
God showing us through his grace that he does care

God is a whisper to our inner core
Directing us which paths to take
He speaks to us in mighty ways
Waiting for us to come to Him
Our mistakes he does erase
And forgives us from our sin

He is always speaking to us
Showing his immeasurable uncomparable love
Pouring his blessings from above
Whispering to our soul
God is always ready to take control
And ready to make your life whole

So when you hear God’s whisper in your ear
Do not fear for he is always near
Put your trust in him always
And he will bless your life through the end of days!

~God’s voice is glorious in the thunder. We can’t imagine the greatness of His power.~ Job 37:5


How Awesome

In the sky above
And the hills below
Our creator shows us his love
In mighty ways we know

God’s masterpiece He crafted by design
Unique and beautiful all in His time
The sky with colors of blue
And the Earth different shades he did hue
First mankind he knew exactly what he had in mind
To care the Earth and multiply
And not worry about supply

How awesome and great is our God
That he created all this for you and me
Look around and you will see
That there is reason for you to believe
His love is everywhere
Even in places you don’t think he is there
How awesome and great is our God
That he took the time
To create earth so beautiful in his time!

Faith, Forgiveness, Love

Your Love

Through the many tears I cried
The endless nights that I tried
Hopelessness was a part of me
I was blind and could not see

Through the pain I endured
Your love Lord cured
You captivated my heart
And my life you changed from the start
You healed my brokenness
And you cleaned up my mess

Your love Lord changed my life
Your love Lord healed me from within
Your love Lord cleaned me from inside
Your love Lord forgave my sin

Your love Lord was shown at the cross
Your love Lord rescued me when I was lost
Because of your love Lord I am forever free
When hopelessness was a part of me
Your love Lord opened my eyes to see
Because of your love Lord in you forever I will believe!

Faith, Forgiveness

Search Me Lord

Search Me O Lord
And purify my heart
Put in me your Word
And bring to me a fresh new start
Renew my Spirit
So that you can be in it
Dig deep into my core
And refresh my soul
Let me love you like never before
As you take of my life complete control
Be with me all the days of my life
Let others see your image reflected in me
Create in me a clean heart
And bring to me a fresh new start
Let your light shine
And let it be forever mine!