Faith, Forgiveness, Grace, Love, Praise, Trust

His Name

In my brokenness where pain dwelled in

My heart was heavy incomplete filled with shame

Sadness overwhelmed my soul and was with pain

Until I heard His name

His name healed my heart

A true love that set me apart

His name brought joy and happiness to me

When I was blind and could not see

His name broke my chains

And love forever now will remain

No more pain or sorrow

My life is complete and I can see a better tomorrow

His name healed my soul

And because of His name now I am whole

Faith, Forgiveness, Grace, Love, Praise, Trust

Show Me Your Way

I want to know you more each day

Give you my thoughts and my ways

I want to be in your presence

Where I can feel your majestic essence

I want to be able to speak to you

And know you are there

I want to walk in your truth

And at each moment run to you

Show me your way Lord that I may live right

Guide me each day and night

Let your light shine that I may be of use

Show me your way and each day you it will be I choose

Show me your way to love like you

Love my neighbors and my enemies

And their sadness undo

Let me be an example of how to follow you Jesus

And to be able to shine in the darkness like you do for us

Show me your way Lord

And let me abide in your word

Guide me to your truth

And be able to speak freely of you

Show me your way Lord

To protect me and others with your word

Abide in me forever

Through the end of my days

Show me your way

That they see you in me always

Faith, Forgiveness, Grace, Love, Praise, Trust

You Rescued Me

Broken and bruised

Abused and confused

I was left in the dark with pain

Sorrow and shame

With myself the only one to blame

Unable to remove the scars

That pierced right through my heart

Feeling stranded and afraid

Not knowing I would be saved

I thought I would always be on my own

Wandering through the dark valley all alone

Until you came and rescued me

Your hand touched mine and I was able to see

Your love you showed

Your majesty and power became known

You rescued me from the darkness

And guided me towards the light

You healed my heart from sadness

And in me you came to abide

You did not care where I was from

You took me into your arms away from harm

You rescued my soul and once again I was made whole

You rescued my life

As you paid the price

When you died on the cross that day

So I would not be in harm’s way.

Faith, Forgiveness, Grace, Love, Praise, Trust

You Know

You know the very thoughts of me

My ways that are your ways

You can see

You know my fears my past my shame

You know my tears and even call me by name


You never give burdens to heavy to bear

Despite my failures you show you are there

My mistakes you erase 

My heart You make pure

You take all of me and make new

My hurt and shame you undo


You know everything of me

Even when I cannot see

You know my past and future

You know what’s in store 

No one else knows me more


You know you know what I cannot see

You know you know my very thoughts of me

You know you know what’s in store

No one else knows me more


You know you know my past

You know you know reason why it didn’t last 

You know you know what’s in store

No one else knows me more




Bounded by fear year by year

Held within these chains 

Are you here Are You here??

Broken and bruised 

Within these walls confused 

Are you here Are you here


He heard my cry

Saw my pain

Each and every night 

I would call your name 


Redeemed my savior set me free

Chains broken my name was spoken 

By his power I was blind but can now see

Redeemed my savior came to save

Wretched and wounded a new life to me he gave

Redeemed from my chains

Redeemed from my fear and pain

He was always there waiting for me

Redeemed by his power and love set free

Faith, Forgiveness, Grace, Love, Praise, Trust

You Are My Everything

Your hand is what I need to stand 

Your love in moments I don’t understand 

Your heart to mend my own

Your presence when I feel alone 

Your grace in times of trouble 

Your mercy during my trials 

You are my only hope


You are my everything all I need

Through every step I take 

Right here with me

Through my mistakes 

Guiding me 

You are my everything all I need 

You are my eyes to see

My hope for what I believe 

My love I have waited for 

You are my everything and much more


You are my breath 

You are my life

You are my everything 

You are my light

You are the passion I have inside 

You are my everything 

You are my life 

Faith, Grace, Love

Glory And Grace Alive


Right out from the darkness into the light

From the hopelessness that was in my life

Broken dreams and shattered pieces

And Blindness was a part of me

When suddenly 

Your truth made its way 

No words can explain

What happened that day


Your veil was torn

Your Glory in me was born 

From darkness I was healed

Your Holy Spirit forever sealed

What once was broken

Your power and love were spoken 

Into my life

Your glory and grace were alive


A new creation your plan of salvation 

The gift of your love and grace

I came with face to face

When your truth made its way

Into my life

Your glory and grace were alive


Your Holy Spirit forever sealed

Your power and grace revealed 

Into my life

Your glory and grace were alive


Faith, Trust

I Was Free


With just your voice you captivated my heart

Your love captured my soul

My life you set it apart

Away from the darkness I was in

Your love it took control

And your grace won over sin

And then I was free

Broken chains all the pain

Was taken away

Healed from my own shame

Your love had no blame

You took me in

Your grace won over sin and then I was free

Free from pain

Free from death destroying me

Free from shame

Free from Satan’s name

Free from unworthiness

Free from darkness

Healed from my own shame

Your love had no blame

You took me in

And your grace won over sin

And then I was free


Surrendering to God


Surrender to God and give him your life
He will then come to take away your strife
He will fill your emptiness
Take away your pain and your sadness
He will bring joy to your heart
And a new life will come to start

When you surrender to God no darkness will be found
For his light with you will always be around
He will protect you from harm
And will pull you to his arms

God is your light there is no darkness in him
He has overcome your every sin
God is your light you are now his
Surrender to his ways
And a hope for eternity
Will be with you for the rest of your days

~Surrender yourself to the Lord, and wait patiently for Him.~Psalm 37:7~


Bring Me Hope


Pick up the pieces of my broken life
Please put me back together again
Take away all the strife
My sorrow and my pain
Wipe my tears away
Erase my fears I face each day
Bring hope to my heart
Lord and from my life do not depart
Bring me the hope you once said
Erase the bad memories from my head
Give me the peace I need from you
Lord guide and direct me towards your truth
Bring me hope to my future
Deliver me from the past
Lord free my soul at last
And let my heart rest in you
Lord bring me hope
And in your arms let me cope

Lord bring me hope and peace
Help my troubles to cease
Give me the assurance that I need
Guide me towards you as your love and hope I heed
Bring me the hope you promised me
Show me the future you have in store
Give me eyes to see
Things I have never seen before
Bring me the hope to this heart of mine
Let your love and mercy forever dwell inside!

~Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.~Romans 12:12


This Hope


Beyond the troubles in this life
All your worries and strife
Beyond your fears and anxieties
The hurt that is inside
Beyond your sins and iniquities
There is one thing we cannot hide

The hope that is waiting to unveil
Promises of love and grace that are real
The mystery of God’s love that is yearning to be revealed
God’s grace that came to heal
How His love for you forever was sealed

On the cross where Jesus his life He gave
Where our life he did save
Your sins and mine were left there for our sake
His love for us no one can replace
That hope we have no one can take
This hope we have of a love so true
Was found when he gave his life for me and you!

~God is the only one who can make the valley of trouble a door of hope.~ Hosea 2:15