Faith, Trust

I Was Free


With just your voice you captivated my heart

Your love captured my soul

My life you set it apart

Away from the darkness I was in

Your love it took control

And your grace won over sin

And then I was free

Broken chains all the pain

Was taken away

Healed from my own shame

Your love had no blame

You took me in

Your grace won over sin and then I was free

Free from pain

Free from death destroying me

Free from shame

Free from Satan’s name

Free from unworthiness

Free from darkness

Healed from my own shame

Your love had no blame

You took me in

And your grace won over sin

And then I was free


Surrendering to God


Surrender to God and give him your life
He will then come to take away your strife
He will fill your emptiness
Take away your pain and your sadness
He will bring joy to your heart
And a new life will come to start

When you surrender to God no darkness will be found
For his light with you will always be around
He will protect you from harm
And will pull you to his arms

God is your light there is no darkness in him
He has overcome your every sin
God is your light you are now his
Surrender to his ways
And a hope for eternity
Will be with you for the rest of your days

~Surrender yourself to the Lord, and wait patiently for Him.~Psalm 37:7~


Bring Me Hope


Pick up the pieces of my broken life
Please put me back together again
Take away all the strife
My sorrow and my pain
Wipe my tears away
Erase my fears I face each day
Bring hope to my heart
Lord and from my life do not depart
Bring me the hope you once said
Erase the bad memories from my head
Give me the peace I need from you
Lord guide and direct me towards your truth
Bring me hope to my future
Deliver me from the past
Lord free my soul at last
And let my heart rest in you
Lord bring me hope
And in your arms let me cope

Lord bring me hope and peace
Help my troubles to cease
Give me the assurance that I need
Guide me towards you as your love and hope I heed
Bring me the hope you promised me
Show me the future you have in store
Give me eyes to see
Things I have never seen before
Bring me the hope to this heart of mine
Let your love and mercy forever dwell inside!

~Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.~Romans 12:12


This Hope


Beyond the troubles in this life
All your worries and strife
Beyond your fears and anxieties
The hurt that is inside
Beyond your sins and iniquities
There is one thing we cannot hide

The hope that is waiting to unveil
Promises of love and grace that are real
The mystery of God’s love that is yearning to be revealed
God’s grace that came to heal
How His love for you forever was sealed

On the cross where Jesus his life He gave
Where our life he did save
Your sins and mine were left there for our sake
His love for us no one can replace
That hope we have no one can take
This hope we have of a love so true
Was found when he gave his life for me and you!

~God is the only one who can make the valley of trouble a door of hope.~ Hosea 2:15


Mercy Love And Grace

God’s mercy is renewed every morning
With his grace and love our life he is adorning
Molding us into his image as planned
Guiding us each day by his gracious hand
Restoring our hearts once broken and bruised
Purifying our souls to what once had been abused

Showing to us each and every day
His love, the truth and the way
Teaching us about his forgiveness
Filling our soul with his holiness

God’s mercy is redeeming
His grace and love conceiving
Helping us grow like Him each day
Preparing us in his direction so we do not stray
Keeping us together with him walking in the light
Protecting us from evil at night

God’s mercy and love
Flowing down from above
As his blessings are poured out to us
By his son Jesus
He showed his mercy and grace
By his son Jesus we were saved
There is no other true love like this we can ever replace
By his mercy love and grace
One day we will meet him face to face!

~From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another.~ John 1:165


The Touch of The Master’s Hands

With just a touch of the master’s hand
You can feel his glorious power
It’s a feeling no one can understand
In that moment that very hour

It brings peace into your soul
And your heart is once again whole
It brings reassurance
To the many mistakes in your life
It gives you guidance
To your trials and your strife

With just a touch of the master’s hand
Healing begins from the inside and out
It gives you strength when you are weak
And erases all worries and doubt

With the touch of the masters hand
We then come to understand
The love he has for us
We understand the nails he bore on the cross
We understand his love mercy and grace

With the touch of the masters hand
We meet him face to face
where all glory and power no one else can replace
We feel his precious love
With the touch of the masters hand
We then become one

~For He had healed many, with the result that all those who had afflictions pressed around Him in order to touch Him.~ Mark 3:10


God Is With You

When doubt stirs inside your heart
And you feel as if you will fall away
grab on to God’s love as he will never depart
But will be with you each and every day

Call on to God when you are weak
When you feel you are on your own
And you have no words to speak
Know that you are not alone

God is with you
In those moments of loneliness
In the midst of your sadness
He is there
Waiting for your call
To come to your rescue and your care
God is with you above all
When you feel you are about to fall

Know that you are not alone
Reach out to him God is with you
He hears you when you call his name
He knows you from deep inside your heart
Reach out to him for God is with you
His love never fails
His love is always true!

~Do not be frightened, do not be discouraged,God is with you.~Joshua 1:9


In My Father’s House

In my father’s house are too many rooms
He prepared a place for me and you
He waits with open arms so wide
For when he receives you inside
He is seated at the throne
Counting the days
For when he brings you home
On that glorious day

He prepared a place so you wouldnt be left behind
He thought of you from the beginning of time
He only knows the day and the hour
When he will reign with great power
All his angels and his saints
Will meet with you
Happiness you won’t be able to contain
And you will know his message was forever true

In my father’s house he prepared a place
Where we can be together with him face to face
Where he though of you and me
To be forever with him for eternity!

~In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?~ John 14:2


In His Truth

In his truth I will abide
Meditating on his word day and night
In my heart His Word I will bury deep inside
And keep fighting the good fight

In his truth I will rely
Through trials and strife
His word I will apply
Every day of my life

I will keep pressing on
Until the day is here
Keeping his truth
Ever so closely near

Learning about his truth and his ways
Thanking God for my days
Walking so fervently in faith
Praying I will never stray
Keeping his truth sealed in my heart
So his Spirit will never be apart

I will keep on learning about his truth
As his is the only way
To reach to heaven and be with you
With our heavenly Lord on that day

~I tell you the truth, those who listen to my message and believe in God who sent me have eternal life. They will never be condemned for their sins, but they have already passed from death into life.~ John 5:24


I Give You My Heart

Lord Jesus humbly I bow down on my knees
Bringing you my life my everything
My life I offer as my sacrifice
To you Lord I know it’s suffice

I bring you my weakness
My life that’s such a mess
I bring you my all
For I know you will catch me before I fall

Lord Jesus I give you my heart
Cleanse it from deep inside
Don’t let hate and misery tear it apart
But let your love, mercy and grace keep it alive

Lord I give you my heart
For you to make whole
Bring a new start
Dig deep into my soul

Lord my heart belongs to you forever
I bring you my life my everything
For you are my only creator
Who truly loves me

~God is love, and who live in love live in God, and God lives in them.~ 1 John 4:16