me       I grew up in a small rural town south of Texas called Eagle Pass, Texas. There was no snow, no evergreen forest trees but it was small country town where I was happy with my other 5 siblings. I miss going to the river, camping in my own back yard with bomb fires and cookouts and loud music. I moved up to Des Moines, Iowa in the Midwest about 10 years ago. I have grown accustomed to the city and the fast-paced living of fast food restaurants and rush hour traffic. I have my adorable 9 year-old son and my loving husband “The Jerry’s”. (They are both named Jerry).

As I keep myself busy, I decided to start blogging in the hopes to attempt to reach out to women with my story as well as other important Christian Topics I have learned along the way. I want to be able to empower and touch lives with my testimony and be able to let women know that there is hope along the way. I hope you are blessed within these pages and that you understand you are loved and beautifully, wonderfully created by our Father God. I want to empower you and lead you along the way and show how you too can be a conqueror and a fighter!

Here I am so blessed as I found my home church where I have grown tremendously in the Lord by the help of my pastor and his wife. My church family is the best and I have been blessed by them. I became a photographer as well about 3 years ago and have been learning the hobby every day. I am passionate of writing poetry and love to Flag. (Worship the Lord with Flags) I sing in my worship team and teach our Children’s Ministry.