Faith, Forgiveness, Grace, Love, Praise, Trust

Show Me Your Way

I want to know you more each day

Give you my thoughts and my ways

I want to be in your presence

Where I can feel your majestic essence

I want to be able to speak to you

And know you are there

I want to walk in your truth

And at each moment run to you

Show me your way Lord that I may live right

Guide me each day and night

Let your light shine that I may be of use

Show me your way and each day you it will be I choose

Show me your way to love like you

Love my neighbors and my enemies

And their sadness undo

Let me be an example of how to follow you Jesus

And to be able to shine in the darkness like you do for us

Show me your way Lord

And let me abide in your word

Guide me to your truth

And be able to speak freely of you

Show me your way Lord

To protect me and others with your word

Abide in me forever

Through the end of my days

Show me your way

That they see you in me always