Faith, Forgiveness, Grace, Love, Praise, Trust

You Rescued Me

Broken and bruised

Abused and confused

I was left in the dark with pain

Sorrow and shame

With myself the only one to blame

Unable to remove the scars

That pierced right through my heart

Feeling stranded and afraid

Not knowing I would be saved

I thought I would always be on my own

Wandering through the dark valley all alone

Until you came and rescued me

Your hand touched mine and I was able to see

Your love you showed

Your majesty and power became known

You rescued me from the darkness

And guided me towards the light

You healed my heart from sadness

And in me you came to abide

You did not care where I was from

You took me into your arms away from harm

You rescued my soul and once again I was made whole

You rescued my life

As you paid the price

When you died on the cross that day

So I would not be in harm’s way.

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