Surrendering to God


Surrender to God and give him your life
He will then come to take away your strife
He will fill your emptiness
Take away your pain and your sadness
He will bring joy to your heart
And a new life will come to start

When you surrender to God no darkness will be found
For his light with you will always be around
He will protect you from harm
And will pull you to his arms

God is your light there is no darkness in him
He has overcome your every sin
God is your light you are now his
Surrender to his ways
And a hope for eternity
Will be with you for the rest of your days

~Surrender yourself to the Lord, and wait patiently for Him.~Psalm 37:7~


Bring Me Hope


Pick up the pieces of my broken life
Please put me back together again
Take away all the strife
My sorrow and my pain
Wipe my tears away
Erase my fears I face each day
Bring hope to my heart
Lord and from my life do not depart
Bring me the hope you once said
Erase the bad memories from my head
Give me the peace I need from you
Lord guide and direct me towards your truth
Bring me hope to my future
Deliver me from the past
Lord free my soul at last
And let my heart rest in you
Lord bring me hope
And in your arms let me cope

Lord bring me hope and peace
Help my troubles to cease
Give me the assurance that I need
Guide me towards you as your love and hope I heed
Bring me the hope you promised me
Show me the future you have in store
Give me eyes to see
Things I have never seen before
Bring me the hope to this heart of mine
Let your love and mercy forever dwell inside!

~Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.~Romans 12:12