God Is With You

When doubt stirs inside your heart
And you feel as if you will fall away
grab on to God’s love as he will never depart
But will be with you each and every day

Call on to God when you are weak
When you feel you are on your own
And you have no words to speak
Know that you are not alone

God is with you
In those moments of loneliness
In the midst of your sadness
He is there
Waiting for your call
To come to your rescue and your care
God is with you above all
When you feel you are about to fall

Know that you are not alone
Reach out to him God is with you
He hears you when you call his name
He knows you from deep inside your heart
Reach out to him for God is with you
His love never fails
His love is always true!

~Do not be frightened, do not be discouraged,God is with you.~Joshua 1:9