I Will Be Still

Here I wait patiently
Until you come for me
Ill put my trust in you
And let my faith abide in your truth
I will wait for that day
In which in your presence forever I’ll stay
I will put my hope and not lean to my own understanding
I will be still and not be demanding
I will listen to your word
And put my hope in heaven as my eternal reward

I will follow your command
And give to other’s people’s needs
I will be still and not demand
Nor will I let my heart be filled with greed
I will love my enemies
And forgive as you forgave me

I will be still until that day
And pray for your guidance in every way
I will be still and in your love
Put my hope until I meet with you in heaven above!

~Be still And Know That I Am God.~ Psalm 46:10