Jesus Is All I Need

He is my foundation I rest upon
When my heart is heavy
He is my strength that keeps me going
When my knees are not steady
He is my rock I lean on
When I cannot move
He is the one I rest upon
The one I run to

His strength is what I need every day of my life
In hard situations during times of trial and strife
He is my source on him I rely
He is my provider as daily he meets my supply
He is my healer
When hurt comes my way
He is my redeemer
My hope to make it through each day

Jesus is all I need
His love is immeasurable
He is more than enough to me
His love is comparable
Jesus is all I need
Towards his salvation I heed
Jesus is all I need
He is my life, my everything!

~If God is all you have you have all you need.~John 14:8