Glimpses of You

In the early morning of the day
As the horizon makes its way
Hues of purple red and blue
Meet together with orange yellow and grey
I gaze upon the sky and take a glimspe of you
As you work your way through

During the cold winter time
When all is silver and white
Beautiful in it’s time
Incandescent colors created by you
Its amazing the things you do

In the spring time when all is in bloom
Beautiful colors just everywhere
Your masterpiece scenery is in full view
Even then I get a glimpse of you

During the summer when it’s blazing hot
It reminds me of your Holy Spirit
Your hope in us is what we got
Your love burning inside of us
It’s then when we get a glimpse of your son Jesus

In the Fall when its full splendor of colors come to rest
Crisp flavor smells of holidays near make this season the best
Leaves turning to red, orange and brown
Families gathering coming from out of town
Blessings of love are everywhere
Lord Jesus even then you are there

In these seasons we get a glimpse of you
How amazingly beautiful is the work you do
I stand in awe as I gaze and wonder
Thank You for this great splendor and mighty love
You send down to us from heaven above

~Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.~ Hebrews 11:1

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