Faith, Love

God’s Whisper

God is a whisper to our soul
He is the one that makes our lives whole
He is there to guide us on our ways
Always protecting us throughout our days

He is a whisper to our hearts
Telling us from his side never to depart
He is there ready to make a change
Our lives from sadness to happiness he will rearrange

He is a whisper pouring us with blessings from above
Showing his mighty ways and his immeasurable love
He is a whisper letting us know he is there
God showing us through his grace that he does care

God is a whisper to our inner core
Directing us which paths to take
He speaks to us in mighty ways
Waiting for us to come to Him
Our mistakes he does erase
And forgives us from our sin

He is always speaking to us
Showing his immeasurable uncomparable love
Pouring his blessings from above
Whispering to our soul
God is always ready to take control
And ready to make your life whole

So when you hear God’s whisper in your ear
Do not fear for he is always near
Put your trust in him always
And he will bless your life through the end of days!

~God’s voice is glorious in the thunder. We can’t imagine the greatness of His power.~ Job 37:5

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