Forgiveness, Grace, Love

A Drop Of Grace


God poured out his love
When He sent his one and only son
Jesus, enthroned in heaven above
Was sent down to earth to give his life for ransom.

His power and glory was manifested
At the cross where his son was rested
All men gathered had been tested
But Jesus’s destiny was decided by God’s Will instead

A drop of grace saved your life
Where at the cross God’s son was sacrificed
Your sins he paid them all
Each one forgiven when on his name you call
Your afflictions, anxiety, and stress
Were Washed away by a drop of grace
Hope a future and happiness
Will be waiting for you when you seek his face

A drop of Grace was poured on the cross
Where God’s glory and power were shown
Hope and love there were known
Where a drop of grace your life was saved

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