Forgiveness, Grace, Love

Your Grace


Through the mess I was in
Living my life in sin
The hurt and pain
That caused me shame
The confusion and chaos
In the darkness where I was lost
Through the tears I cried
On my own in the night
Suicidal thoughts came to my mind
Not realizing what I was leaving behind

It was then when your mercy and grace Lord came to my life
You opened my heart and captivated me
True love I was able to see
Your arms you opened wide
And you pulled me to your side
Your love was known
Your grace Lord to me was shown.

Your grace is sufficient for me
You Jesus is all I need
By my side is where I need you to be
Stay forever by my side
Your grace is sufficient for me
Because of your love I was able to see
For me you had died
On the cross your life you sacrificed
Because of your grace for me you paid the price!