Grace, Love, Trust

You Alone Rescued Me

You alone restored my heart
You alone healed me from my disease
You alone took it apart
And repaired what was destroying me

My sins you forgave
From the pit of hell you came to save
My chains you broke away
When you rescued me that day

You alone reached into the depths of my soul
You showed mercy and grace and once again I was made whole
You repaired my heart what Mr Satan once stole
And my complete life you gained control

Into my life you came to enter in
Washed me clean from my sin
My life and heart you came to win
And once again I came to live
My hurt and pain you repaired that day
When you rescued me the moment you came to stay

You alone Lord restored my heart
By your grace and for your glory I was set apart
You alone Lord rescued my soul
And my complete life you gained control!