Faith, Love, Trust

Under His Wings

During times of trial and strife
When all is going wrong in your life
At your weakest when you no longer can go on
Because you think of what else could go wrong.
During times of misery and sorrow
When you can’t seem to go by another day
You ask what will be of tomorrow
There is no other way.
Worry seems to crash you in
And hopelessness seems to win
You are right on the edge of the boulder
And you have no one to lean on not a shoulder to cry on.

Know that God can be that and much more
Under His Wings he will love and protect you like never before
He will give you the strength when you are weak
And give you the words to speak
He will never let you fall
Under His Wings He will catch you when you call.

Under His Wings
Where you will find love, joy, and happiness
Under His wings
Where peace and comfort will fill your emptiness
In his loving arms and presence
Under His wings you will be for eternity!

Love, Trust

His Reassurance


Cast your anxieties to our Lord

For he will carry your burdens all an overload

He will fight for you until the end

And won’t let his love and care transcend.

He promised you a future you just need to be still

Lean to His reassurance according to his will

Put your faith and belief

And your heart will find relief.

Cast all doubts and lock them away

Lean to His reassurance day by day

Press on until the end

For his blessings he will send.

There is hope and love

Pouring from above

Lean to his reassurance

And don’t stray to the world’s ignorance.

There is hope for the hopeless

And light in the darkness.

There is love for the loneliness

And joy when in sadness

All these you will find in our Lord

Just lean to his reassurance as you search Him through his Word!