Faith, Forgiveness, Love, Trust



Redeemed by the power of His love

When He sent down His only son

Redeemed by the power of his blood

When He was taken for ransom

Redeemed by mercy

When I was in pain and misery

Redeemed by grace

When I sought God’s face

Redeemed by his love

When he sent down His only son

Redeemed by goodness

When I received his righteousness

Redeemed by sanctification

When I believed in my Father Lord of my creation!

Faith, Love, Trust

God’s Favor


The fullness of his grace love is what we receive

From the moment in Jesus his son we believe

He pours blessings like rain from above.

Mercy and grace and his love

Were shown when he gave his only son

He opens doors from the heavens

When we call his name

Angels dancing when we shout out his praise

Holy spirit invites us in

God’s favor over sins.

God’s favor calls us child of the King

He knows every detail-everything

God’s favor forgets our past

His love is one that never lasts.

God’s favor pours when his face we seek

The power of his love manifested when his face we meet.

Faith, Forgiveness, Grace, Love

On The Cross

On the cross Jesus forgave
My life He came to save
My sins forgiven on that day
Althoughthey did not know what they had done
God still gave his only son
His life was sacrificed
On the cross is where he paid the price
His forgiveness for us
Through his son Jesus
On the cross where his blood flowed
His love for us was shown
He forgave us for our sins inside
On the cross was where he paid the price.

Faith, Forgiveness, Grace, Love, Trust

At The Cross


At the cross my sins were washed away

At the cross you gave your life that day

At the cross where your blood was shed

There your love and power was manifested

Your grace and mercy were known

And your love there was shown

At the cross where you gave your life mine was given

You paid the price and while I was still a sinner you still sacrificed

And my sins were forgiven

At the cross your Glory was known

That day you Lord people came to know

Your grace and mercy you showed

As your Holy Spirit there it glowed

The nails on the cross my pain was washed away

When you gave your life that day.

Faith, Trust

Mold Me


Lord dig down into my soul and reach inside of me
Clean out my mess that lies underneath
Renew my heart and restore my soul
Refine me like fire until I shine like gold
Mold me from the very core until you can’t dig no more
Mold me into the person I was planned to be
Show me the way that leads to you
Direct me and guide me to the truth

Mold me from the very core until you can’t dig no more
Renew my heart and restore my soul
Refine me like fire until I shine like gold
Let your light shine inside and your power unfold
Mold me with your love and likeness of you
Let people find only truth
And let people see
That because of me
In you they can believe.

Faith, Love, Trust

His Mercy


His mercies are new each and every day

It’s what directs us to his truth and grace

His mercy is love and compassion

His will for us to seek his face

It’s the moments we are to bow to Him

To ask for forgiveness of our sins

His mercy is to seek him in time of need

To ask for His protection so evil from us will flee

His mercy is to draw near to His throne

With confidence in knowing we will never be alone.

Faith, Trust

Don’t Be Ashamed of The Gospel


Don’t be ashamed of the gospel

For it is the living word

It pierces through deep like a sword

It penetrates deep in your soul

And makes your life whole

The gospel is living and active and powerful

Judging your thoughts and your heart

It speaks truth and life

And captivates you right from the start

Don’t be ashamed of the gospel

Meditate on it day and night

Reflect on the truth

As it will show you to walk by faith and not by sight

Dont’be ashamed of the gospel

As it was meant to protect, correct, and direct

And was meant to set you free

Don’t be ashamed of the gospel as it is God’s words of love for you and me!

Faith, Forgiveness, Grace, Love, Praise, Trust



On that hill on cavalry
Is life’s greatest history
In human form God was nailed to the cross
To save the wretched and the lost
Taken by ransom God’s will had been done
God had sacrificed his only Son
Jesus who ultimately paid the price on that day
By His blood our sins were washed away
Jesus who was crushed and was bruised
Spat on and tortured and abused
Jesus who took the chains
But overall His love for us still remains